What a Difference

During all the drama between the lava flow and the hurricanes, I took the time to drive to Waimea with my friend Kapoliokealoha for a hula performance. It was the grand opening of a realty office, a small space for only five of us. The office was right in the heart of Waimea next door to the famous Merriman’s restaurant. It was 10:00 in the morning and we only danced three songs. We were treated to a brunch which included pastries and frittatas, fruit etc. It was quite sumptuous and we enjoyed mingling with the guests. It was, however, over very quickly so instead of driving straight home to rainy Hilo we changed clothes, met another friend of Kapoliokealoha’s and decided to go on a hike. Actually, it was more like a walk, but then that doesn’t sound as much fun. There is a lovely nature reserve right above the town so we started our walk of the Alawai o Waimea. It was absolutely beautiful. Flower landscapes, glorious trees and a flowing stream. The meandering course of the stream took us about a mile along its banks which turned out to be loop that took as a mile back. No rain, no wind, no lava. Just a beautiful day of friends enjoying the day together. I took a few photos along the way…

The beginning of our trek
Along the stream


There were seven different colors of  lehua, however only the red was flowering at the time.
A stunning yellow hibiscus.














A day later the hurricane had passed, the rain and wind had stopped. I was driving through downtown Hilo and realized that our town is gorgeous. The shower trees were flowering and we have some beautiful heritage trees.

The flowering shower trees



A Monkeypod in all its glory

nce a month I dance at the Mohouea Bandstand for the locals, the tourists off the ship and those at the farmer’s market. We dressed in our new modern outfits and three of us dance monthly at different care homes on the island. We have retro 1960’s outfits for this.

And the Wāhine Aloha