Going right, going left

I love dark chocolate, always have since back when I was a child and my favorite candy was a LOOK bar. Nowadays, I always keep a jar of DOVE dark chocolates in a jar in my cupboard. Each little square is wrapped in a little bit of tinfoil upon which is written a little upbeat saying, usually written by someone across the country. The last piece I chose had this saying which stuck with me, “If things aren’t going right, go left.”

Right now too many things aren’t going right. I have 15ft. cane grass (or saw grass, buffalo grass, California grass). Whichever, it is taking over my yard and now is encroaching on my poor little plumeria tree which is still in a bag and too heavy for me to move. And, I will need a huge pick in order to break the ground which is lava rock in order to permanently plant it before it dies. I will have to call someone to cut the cane grass down, AGAIN! I didn’t poison the ground last time as I hate that, but it seems this is the only way to keep it from coming back and taking over. And at $300 a pop, I can’t afford to do it every six months. My plumeria bloomed this past summer and fall which was so beautiful and so fragrant…nani loa and onaona nui. My regular grass which at one time was considered a lawn is now two feet tall with what we call sleepy grass or prayer grass taking it over. This is a problem as in order to cut it I will have to clear out the sleepy grass first or it tangles up in the blades. And, despite a friend attempting to fix my mower, it still won’t stay on. It starts, but then in 10 ft. dies. Auwe!

We have seen a lot of rain in the past few weeks so my lanai is usually underwater as my 8 pails and 5 gal. buckets can’t keep up and neither can I. It gets increasing hard to lift the buckets and years of sewing and computer work have taken a toll on my back. During the pandemic because I was staying at home much of the time, wasn’t shopping, wasn’t dancing, not buying new clothes, etc. I’ve managed to put some money into savings. Now if just stops raining. My water catchment lost its top to the weather and the water is no longer suitable for anything other than showers. When it rains, it pours is not just a saying regarding the rain. So, it continues to pour. My two electrical outlets on the outside of my house are no longer working. So, I’ve had to re-route the wiring to my sewing shed and my lanai fridge. So, now I have two electrical cords traveling under my welcome mat and under my door to plug into my wall socket, Yikes! But everything works.

So, I’m going to go left! I’m going to do things that make me happy. I’m making my own Christmas cards this year with card stock, felt, colorful paper and ribbon. At one time this was a family tradition. We made our cards for years starting when the boys were maybe 2 and 5 yrs. of age. We had some pretty crazy cards in those days. I’m quite sure my friends thought we were nuts when they received a finger painted card done by a two year old. But, it was such a fun enterprise for us. This year I’m also making my Christmas gifts. I usually do this most years, sewing up things. But, this year it’s a craft project and I must say they are coming along splendidly. I’ve, for years, had a problem with tendinosis in my thumbs so those two little appendages are suffering but if I don’t do a lot at a time, I can manage. I baked, from scratch, a Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. What’s Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? I had a delightful time with a longtime friend and her daughter and one other friend. We properly distanced and I had a lovely time.

I’m enjoying hula with my hula sisters, dancing when we can and practicing where we can. This is my number one passion so it’s nice to be able to dance.

I’m once again writing letters to Georgia Democrats urging them to vote in the upcoming run-off election. I wrote 80 letters for the general election and feel I had a small part in Georgia voting blue. With the shorter time constraints and Christmas around the corner, I only sent 20 letters this time around, but I still feel I’m doing my part. I feel this is as important an election as the general because I fear for our democracy. This is far left but this too makes me happy.

This was taken at a memorial service for an infant baby girl. I think God was welcoming her as this is such a rare occurrence to see a sunset from this side of the island. Usually Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa block the sun. But this day, the sun set between the two mountains. It was breathtaking. The service was wonderful, more like a lu’au with Hawaiian food, music, we danced hula–Ke Akua Mana E or How Great Thou Art.

I’m masked , distanced, mostly homebound but keeping on my happy path keeping left.

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