A Tribute to Cecil the Lion

About eight or nine months ago, while driving up and down the foothills of Haleakala, I would slow down on Kula Hwy. and watch a young man meticulously draw out several species of dogs on a long mural-like fence. As the days went on he started applying colors and backgrounds and the fence took on a life of its own. This was not graffiti. This young man was a true artist and the dogs began to look real enough to touch. He had the aggressive looking pit-bulls and Dobermans but also included the family dogs–cocker spaniels, Irish setters and Chihuahuas. It was such fun watching this mural come to life. Then one day all of the dogs were missing with just newly applied gray pain in their stead. I was so disappointed that someone would ruin such a wonderful representation of Maui dogs. We don’t have a lot of vandalism up in Kula and being right on the highway, I was surprised at the chutzpa of the criminal and disappointed in myself for not taking photos as I cruised by so many times, each time saying, “I need to take pictures of this”.

The fence stood for a couple of months looking sad and unfinished. Then one day the artist was back. In each of the spaces where the dogs had been new forms began to take shape. It was then I realized the artist had been the “vandal”, simply making room for a new mural. When the mural was again finished I stopped and this time, with a tear in my eye, took pictures of Cecil the Lion and his extended family. The artist had left something that is dear to my heart…a tribute to the magnificence of nature.

A memorial to Cecil
A memorial to Cecil
Cecil's family
Cecil’s family

I feel very strongly about trophy hunting so this is my tribute to all those species that are hunted for their heads, their tusks, their fur, etc. And, I petition any airlines who allow the transportation of such to stop.

Take marvelous photos and mount those on the wall about the mantel.