Summer Treats

I did some sewing this morning and then found that I had caught up on most of my projects so I decided to do some cooking. I had just purchase fresh fruit, kale, cremini mushrooms (which had little in common) but I also had Arborio rice, some old fashioned oats. I decided to make a summer fruit crumble/crisp and a mushroom and kale risotto. They both turned out to be unexpectedly delicious. For the risotto I sliced the mushrooms into rather generous slices as I didn’t want them to just disappear. I cut the Kale into about one to two inch pieces. I did leave the ribs on as I like a little crunch in my risotto, but if I were serving it to company I would probably cut the ribs off. I know that you can put the entire amount of rice and chicken or veggie stock in at once and put the entire mixture in the oven in a cast iron pan, but I, for one, like to hand stir the entire time. I think it might be a little like kneading dough instead of using a mixer or a bread machine. It’s a feeling of a bit of accomplishment. When the risotto was absorbing the last cup of stock, I added the mushroom and kale. Wow! So bright and colorful. I added a bit of smoked paprika for just a little surprise. It was absolutely delicious! So, on to the fruit crisp. I had nectarines at their peak of ripeness, a few plums and a container of fresh blueberries. Perfect combination. All I had to add was some sugar, cornstarch, fresh orange juice. Pour into a baking dish and top with the “crisp”. I made this from flour, oats, butter, the orange zest and chopped walnuts. When it came out of the oven it was bubbly, crisp, colorful, fresh and smelled like ripe summer fruit…so yummy.

I love it when I have the time to make something special even if it is just for myself. Wait, I shared the crisp with my neighbor just across from me.