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Occasionally we have a woman who cooks up a Hawaiian plate lunch and sells them at the airport. I ordered one last week and then forgot all about it. But, today the delivery came at the perfect time when my stomach was starting to growl and I hadn’t packed anything for lunch or snack. I seldom eat plate lunches as on the whole they aren’t very healthy. They usually have things like spaghetti, macaroni salad, rice and bread…a little too many carbs for me. Or they have Teriyaki chicken, rice, mac salad–typical island fare. But, today’s lunch had kalua pig, rice, mac salad, laulau and haupia! Whoo-hoo! Usually kalua pork is wrapped in banana leaves, ti leaves, taro leaves and then cooked in an underground oven called an imu. It’s delicious. But, with a little creativity you can get a similar flavor from your home’s oven. The laulau is package of usually beef, pork and butterfish for fatty flavor. It is wrapped in taro leaves, then wrapped again in ti leaves and steamed for fairly long time. The ti leaves are then discarded and the taro leaves are soft and flavorful, the meats are tender and the butterfish is just about non-existent having done its job. Haupia is a coconut pudding-like dessert that is delicious with a slice of purple sweet potato on top, but alas, no ‘uala on top. But all in all it was satisfying and ono.

There is a new poster in the baggage claim area. I love it. However, the tourists who are the ones who should be reading it, don’t seem to notice it. It has a nice description of the word “ALOHA”. Actually, I know a lot of locals who would benefit from reading it as well.

Several years ago I had an ‘ukulele made for me. It was made by a man by the name of Kaohekalole and he was a direct descendant of Kalakaua, the last king of Hawai’i. Needless to say it has very special meaning to me. Unfortunately, it has fallen on hard times and I’m not sure it will ever be played again. But, I’m hoping that I will be able to have it fixed as I miss it. I do have another ‘ukulele, but it doesn’t hold quite the same history for me. However, it does have a lovely sound. I have fun playing it at church and also on Thursday nights at the ‘ukulele jam where about 75-100 people get together at my church. We learn Hawaiian chants (most of which I already know), we practice the Lord’s Prayer in Hawaiian and sing Hawaiian songs from a big song book which I need to buy again as I left mine in Hilo.

The beauty and the beast!
The beauty and the beast!

A big Hawaiian man with a small 'ukulele!
A big Hawaiian man with a small ‘ukulele!

Speaking of church. I am now the proud owner of a Hawaiian bible with a translation in English side by side. I love it. It’s beautiful to look at, easy to read and gives me the opportunity to learn new words, phrases, etc. I like to use Hawaiian phrases when dealing with tourists. Maui is so very tourist oriented that I don’t think they ever even hear the language. So, it they have had to wait for the shuttle I tell them,”Mahalo i ka ho’omanawanui”…thank yor for your patience. Or, I might say, “e launa kou kama’ima’i o Maui” or enjoy your visit on Maui.

He Bibala Hemolele
He Bibala Hemolele

A couple of days ago I bought a plant for my apartment. It is a “hula plant” called Laua’e. I am happy with my new roomie. It’s speaks to me.WP_20141019_002

As many of you know I have an on-line Etsy shop. I sew hula pa’u, tops, blouses, aloha shirts, etc. so I’m going to add a few of these little gems since they, too, are included in all things Hawaiian.

Little girls like pink, older girls like something a bit my contemporary.
Little girls like pink, older girls like something a bit my contemporary.


My favorite flower of Hawaii…plumeria. They use to grow everywhere. When I first lived on O’ahu in 1962, the fragrance was pervasive. When I sailed to the Big Island of Hawai’i in 1963, you could smell the plumeria in the air before you could see the islands. They always evoke those special memories of returning home. This photo has always made me smile as on one of the flowers is a tiny little geiko.
rainbows,etc 004

And, last, but certainly not least…hula. I’m adding a couple of photos from my halau ho’ike of last year. We are now practicing for our next ho’ike and I’m looking forward to it…a lot of work, but such an uplifting experience.

Ready to dance 'auana or modern hula.
Ready to dance ‘auana or modern hula.

...and Kahilo or ancient hula with Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu. This was an awesome experience.
…and Kahilo or ancient hula with Mark Keali’i Ho’omalu. This was an awesome experience.