All the latest in my life…

It’s literally been months since I’ve had the time to just sit and write. I do miss it, but my life has been so crazy, so busy, but so much fun. First, on April 27th my youngest son Jaron got married to his sweetheart Alexa. The perfect union. The wedding was an Old West theme and took part in a State Park with a western “town”. A steam engine took us up to the site in the middle of a majestic redwood forest. As Jaron’s middle name is Nahele which means forest, it was apropos. It was beautiful. David and I were able to walk him down the aisle which was so cool! I got to wear my boots. And, I made this perfect outfit in the wedding colors. Both David and Jaron looked so handsome!

It was such fun. 100 happy guests. He and Alexa have wonderful friends who worked so hard at making it the perfect reception.

Then in June my line-dancing class traveled to Kaua’i for the annual Round-Up. We stayed in a condo in Lihu’e. We had two performances which were certainly different from the normal line-dance. One was a hip-hop, the other a cha-cha. The costumes were outrageous! But, everyone looks forward to our crazy costumes and dances.

Lately I’ve been immersed, as usual, in hula. My halau just competed in the Kupuna Hula Festival for the first time and won first place. I didn’t dance in the competition. I have enough stress in my life. But, I did get to dance in the Ho’olaule’a which was quite an experience. I’m the one in the middle area with the silver hair. I look back at most of my pics and my hair was still brownish red, but I like it natural. We usually wear our long black skirts with a black tee and a pareo tied at the shoulder as in the blue, or we turn a pareo into a kind of blouse as in the red.

The competition group wore beautiful long dark green velvet dresses with lei po’o, lei at the neck and both wrists. They were beautiful, danced beautifully and deserved the first place win.

My friend Kapoliokealoha in her competition dress

We dance at Life Care Center, Hale Anuenue, the Mo’ohuea Bandstand, The pier for those tourists getting off the ships. We dance at the Women’s Club and just about anywhere we are asked for a quick performance. We just love to dance hula! This next month alone we already have 10 performances scheduled. And, we have scheduled practices and we are even throwing in a couple of lunches!

In the future I will try and keep up a little better. I promise. The only problem is that most of my life centers around hula, so it’s difficult having other things to talk about, but I will try.