Secret Places

With this stupid Windows10 program, this post will have no continuity AT ALL. So, just stay with me.

I have lived on the Island of Hawai’i “The Big Island” for over 40 years it took a newcomer to the island to show me one of the most beautiful places on the island. I’m sure it has a lovely Hawaiian name which, of course, I do not know, but Bill calls is Glass Beach. It is of volcanic origin and is not quite sand. Instead the beach is comprised of tiny smooth rocks and bits of polished glass. The wave break is quite strong, not a swimming type of beach, but the wave action is strong and tumbles the rocks and glass together. It was like treasure hunting. I collected bits of green, cobalt blue, amber and white.  I have no idea of where the glass comes from– maybe Japan, or Tahiti, or Bora Bora, or maybe just up the Hamakua Coast. The weather at my house was beautiful– warm and sunny, but unfortunately, it was a rainy day here. Rain has never bothered me, but the photos are not as clear as they would’ve been. The walk down past a meandering river was spectacular…a few more photos though I have no idea where they will land as they are flying into all the wrong places.

I would like to go back again, on a sunny day and dance hula next to the river. It is quite inspiring.20170302_141727

The river bank had changed and was delivering some forest debris to the oceanside.
The river bank had changed and was delivering some forest debris to the ocean side.
Some of the path down was paved with large stones making it an easy trek
Some of the path down with large stones making it an easy trek
At the river with my bag of glass and smooth rocks.
At the river with my bag of glass and smooth rocks.


Showing a bit of a railroad tressle. A train use to go up the river from a mill
Showing a bit of a railroad trestle. A train use to go up the river from a mill

Reflections on a RiverReflections


The trail was like a walk through Jarassic Park
The trail was like a walk through Jarassic Park

Back Home on the Big Island

After three years on Maui, a somewhat long three years, I was so excited to get off the plane at Hilo Airport. One of my best friends picked me up and suggested I spend the night at her house and drive out to my cottage in the morning. In hindsight this turned out to be the best decision of my life! We drive out only to find my little cottage in shambles and a good part of my things stolen. I no longer have a water heater, washer nor dryer. I was missing two screen doors, a microwave, bookcases, all my gardening and lawn-care tools. My beautiful kitchen floor tiles are cracked, my wood floors are plastered with children’s stickers. The cabinetry have been “Magic Marked”. My drywall has several holes obviously from being punched. The appliances, while still here, are dirty, faucets are either missing or damaged. The shower is damaged, fixtures taken…toilet paper bar, towel bars. Instead of a manicured lawn with beautiful trees and flowers I’m now encased in a jungle. I sit on the floor and cry. This was, at one time, my place of peace in a wonderfully chaotic life.

If it wasn’t for my friend, I would still be sitting on my floor. But, she reminds me that getting up would accomplish a lot more than what I’m presently doing. So, a quick trip to the store to buy cleaning supplies. We spend the day scrubbing floors, walls, appliances. In one day it is already looking and smelling better. But, still not ready for occupancy. I end up staying with my friend and her husband for almost ten days! During that time I buy a water heater, a microwave, screen doors. Art works tirelessly putting things together, patching walls. Jan and I paint the interior. I still have the ceiling and beams to paint, but that will come in time.

I’m now in my tiny house. It’s feeling like home. I have new valance curtains on the windows, a have a wild carpet, a colorful bed comforter. I’m able get back to my on-line sewing business. My sewing machine table is still in my living area, but soon will be relegated to a permanent location yet to be decided. I have a couple of options in mind.

I know I should have taken photos of the mess, but I simply wanted to wipe the visions from my memory. When I left the interior was a soft sea foam green and peach, but I feel the need for a more cheery décor. So, this is what a part of it looks like now.

Lookin' on the wild side
Lookin’ on the wild side

I recently added a small black leather recliner. Since I’m suffering a low back injury during all the unpacking (one particularly heavy item) I am now enjoying the massage option! I look forward to bringing in my TV console and getting my sewing to its own space so I can finish my decorating. After that I start tackling the yard.

Kilauea in Fabric

Occasionally when I am wandering through the aisles of the fabric store, especially when a new shipment comes in, I will spot a Hawaiian fabric that catches my eye and tells me its story. So, last week when looking for yellow gingham I came across a print that immediately took me back to the Big Island and our very active volcano.WP_20150205_001

Kilauea had been erupting non-stop since 1987. There are periods of time when the lava flow is just a trickle and doesn’t put anyone in harm’s way and there are those times when it threatens and then carries through with that threat by inundating a district or now, threatening the town of Pahoa on the East coast of the Island of Hawai’i. As it travels through the upland forests (Waokele) it can be a flaming yellow and red hot molten lava burning the forest in swaths of destruction or it can branch off into rivulets of lava circling around with a path through the trees and once again joining the main stream further down the slope. This leads to an area of untouched forest of ferns and foliage that flourish as an island. These verdant islands in the middle of a flow are called a kipuka. Once the particular flow slows or stops it cools, the lava changes colors from a burnt orange to a solid black.

And so, this hula pa’u tells the story of the kipuka..the flow changing from molten yellow, orange, red, through the cooling stage to black with the flowers, ferns, foliage remaining untouched.

A Day at the Beach Park

This morning, while waiting for our truck inspection, we decided to while away the time at Richardson’s Beach Park in Keaukaha on the Big Island of Hawai’i. It’s hard to believe this is winter though we have had our share of rain lately…but not today. It is cool enough for jeans, but not cold enough for a jacket (unless I’m in a grocery store where it seems arctic!). I whipped out my camera, which I now take with me everywhere, and took some photos of this picturesque park.

Richardson's Beach Park
Richardson’s Beach Park


Richardson's Beach Park, Keaukaha, Hawai'i
Richardson’s Beach Park, Keaukaha, Hawai’i
The palms of Keaukaha
The palms of Keaukaha
a guide for the snorkelers in the area
a guide for the snorkelers in the area
Ki'ihele enjoying the perfect island day
Ki’ihele enjoying the perfect island day

It just doesn’t get better than this for a winter day. I’m at the beach park and it’s snowing up on Mauna Kea although it’s still a little too overcast to see from here. Maybe, if it doesn’t melt quickly, I will take a drive up the mountain and take pictures of the Hawaiian snow for another post.