Poetic musings

You make me see life from the other side, keeping it real, allowing the little things slide. Not letting emotions cloud life’s moments of revelation–adapting, evolving, changing to meet the challenges of friendship. It matters not if it’s “like” or “love”, it’s the way you feel when both options are equally solid.


Paint and Sip

Over the years I’ve heard of Paint and Sip parties but have never the opportunity to attend one until today. This was a fun(d)- raiser for the daughter of alaka’i of our hula class. Tehani is running for Miss Hawai’i Teen America so I wanted to help support her in that effort. I had no idea what to expect. What fun! Along with the Merlot and Chardonnay we had pizza, katzu chicken, pork and string beans, sushi, veggies and dip and a variety of cheese and crackers…and did I say wine?

We each were given a table easel along with an 8×10 canvas and an example to follow. The painting we were to try to copy became just a memory as each of us “made it our own”. Several did get a very close to the original, but many decided to add to, subject from or just totally change the topic altogether. The original was that of a huge moon which covered the top half of the bigger canvas. Under the moon was a silhouette of Mauna Kea with palm leaves and the ocean in the forefront. Melia did a very Tolkienesque landscape in soft watercolor like purples, blues and pinks, with a touch of gold and a little greenery.  Patty went with a smaller moon with the fluttery leaves of ohi’a in the top corners. I decided to depict my mountain with a snowy top. I have four leaves instead of three. I put my moon into the corner, but generally stuck with the program as painting is certainly not my forte. I took photos of my progress along the way. In the end I didn’t hate it though it isn’t quality work, but for my first painting, well, I don’t hate it.

My first attempt.


Adding the palm fronds and the shoreline.


This is coming along, but the snow looked too “pointy”. So three glasses of Merlot later, I change it once again…about the tenth time!  I softened the snow and at this point I also added a sprinkling of stars using a cool splatter technique. I then added my favorite constellation–Orion.







Added stars, smoothed out the snow…all pau!

This was a fun experience. It has given me some insight into where my creativity lies. This evidently is not as an acrylic paint artist. I will continue to keep on my path as a fabric artist!





Dancing, eating, socializing at Kuhio Kalaniana’ole Park in Keaukaha

Today about 20 members of our hula halau decided to hold a practice at the park. We’ve been planning on doing this monthly and today we finally got it together to do it…thank you Patti. She arrived with her super sound system that has Bluetooth capabilities so no need for electrical outlets.  It was like having all of our favorite singing artists right there in the park with us. This was a video showing the beautiful park, the bay and some of us getting ready to dance, but some reason it uploaded as a photo. Oh well, another glitch with me and Windows 10.  Since I was dancing, I didn’t get any of us actually dancing.

The weather was perfect. It’s been incredibly hot lately. My poor trees at home are suffering, my grass is brown and crunchy. I’m sewing in my little out-building which is usually about 95 to 96 degrees. I’m thankful for my little tower fan! However, the park was perfect. It’s right at the edge of Reed’s Bay in Hilo, there was a nice tradewind blowing through the beautiful Shower trees. There was just enough shade for some of us to dance in with a few line changes so we got a break from the sun. A pop up tent protecting the incredible array of pupus–everything from fried chicken to a vegetable platter with hummus, orange/walnut scones baked fresh that morning. The children of some of the girls had a great time swimming, riding scooters, playing catch. We DANCED! Some of the songs I’m still “following” as they were taught when I was on Maui for three years, but it gave me a chance to practice a couple. Some of the songs were old favorites–Ke Aloha, Ke Akua Mana E, Holei.  Some were new favorites–Pua Kiele, Wainiha,  He U’i, Kaimana Hila. Some days are just made for dancing.

This park held a lot of memories for me as when, in 1963, I was 18, my family sailed from San Diego to Hilo and it was at Reed’s Bay that we dropped anchor. But without any facilities, after a couple of weeks, we sailed on to Honolulu. Then when I returned to live in Hilo in 1975 my husband and I helped organize the Hilo Sailing Club for Hobie Cats. After our regattas we would come over to what is now this park. At the time we had to clear a lot of the California grass, pick up litter and make a little area to have a BBQ by the beach. There was an old abandoned store or hotel that had burned down, so we cleared quite a bit of cement chunks, but had a bit of a foundation for folding chairs and the hibachis. Much has changed, but much has not. It still has a local vibe. It still welcomes families. The bay is still refreshingly cool on a hot day.

We plan on doing this monthly at many of the different parks around the Hilo area. I can’t wait!

My Recent Trip to Santa Cruz



Christmas my youngest son and his sweet girlfriend gave me an open ticket to come for a visit. My first thought  was no way was I going to go in the winter, so I advised him I would postpone Christmas until April. I was still trying to thaw out from three years in Kula, Maui. So, when April came I flew from Kona to San Jose where Jaron and Alexa awaited. The flight was uneventful. Traveling is no longer fun. The seats are small, leg room cramped. There are no movies on overhead screens. Apparently one is expected to provide her own. No warm blankets, no hot towels, no hot meals. I couldn’t justify paying $12 for a box of crackers, pretzels and maybe a cheese spread. I longed for the 70’s and 80’s when amenities were standard.

Santa Cruz is spectacular. Within about 15 minutes one can drive from the beach, where the “kids” use to live, to the redwood forests where they now live. The scenery is stunning. The air was still crisp but not debilitating. As much as I love the ocean, I find inner peace in the mountains. These trees were amazing giants. Deer wander in and out of yards as do wild turkeys. They don’t seem afraid of us humans.  We had an adventure every day for the ten days I was there. Both Jaron and Alexa were able to take off work so I was able to see Santa Cruz up close and personal. We went to the forests, to the beaches, we visited farmers markets where I wished I could carry back all the produce I saw. I mean, a pound of beautiful strawberries for $3. I pay $7 for 6-8 oz. Corn on the cob at home, on sale, is 99 cents each ear. Here they are something like 6 or 8 for a dollar! The price of living in paradise I kept telling myself.

We went to the “artichoke” capital of the world, or at least the city. We saw roadside flowers covering the walkways with benches placed for viewing the ocean.

While so close I made arrangements with special friends from K-12. We met in the Amador Wine Country. What a fun time. We talked and talked and drank wine and bought wine. We visited a few of the wineries. It was perfect weather with such a marvelous group of people.


Jaron and Alexa are working on their new location. Jaron built a nice picnic table for BBQs on a very large lanai. It will be a great gathering place for friends.


We went out to dinner at a wonderful restaurant where there were several levels of dining choices. We rode in what seems similar to a ski left from one level to the next. The restaurant was beautiful, spacious and the food was good.


I have a ton more photos, but this is so frustrating I’m going to give up. But, the trip was such a highlight of my year so far. It was wonderful to spend time with the two people I love.

The levels of dining
Our gondola, comin’ to get us.
The picnic table built from scratch by Jaron, painted by Jaron, Alexa and I.
lavender bliss
Marcia, Carol and Jean


The front yard where the deer and wild turkeys roam.
My son and I at the park close to their home.

Old Lady

This afternoon I turned on the TV waiting for the NCAA National Championship game and to kill time while I was cooking dinner I flipped on Law and Order, SVU. An “old lady” is raped and people are wondering why anyone would want to rape an old lady.  While looking for evidence, one of the detectives asked the age of the old lady. Well, she was 72. Now this is also my age and I’ve never thought of myself as an old lady. But, it did get me thinking about aging and what it means to each of us. I have certainly noticed several changes in my body. Things are starting to go south, my hair is getting very thin and getting silvery. I’m discovering age spots on my legs and arms from spending way too much fun in the sun as a girl. I spend a lot of time bending over my sewing machine and I spent many years taking notes on a laptop computer at work so my back is getting a curvature it never had before. It’s more difficult to get up off the ground when I sit on it to put grommets into my hula implement bags.

On the good side I still have a lot of energy. I take four classes of dance a week with extra practices here and there. I still have enough balance to work out on my Simply Fit Board which helps keep the heart rate up, the waist trimmed. I’ve kept my weight down at 125-128. I sleep well and eat well. I enjoy cooking healthy and seldom eat out. I can still mow my yard although the huge buffalo grass has me whipped. I keep my mind from atrophy by trying to keep up with current events which unfortunately also makes my blood pressure rise, but since it’s always been very low, I’m not worried. Although I didn’t grow up with computers and Smart Phones, I can usually manage to use them without a lot of problems except for Windows 10, which I loathe. I have a lovely relationship with my youngest son who calls me every week just to talk. We always seem to find so much to talk about. And, I’m happy that both my sons are doing well and have very special women in their lives.

So, though I might be considered an “old lady” by some standards, by my standards I may be getting older, but I’m not feeling my age. I’m anxiously awaiting what is in store for me in the future…number one wish–a partner that dances!

Secret Places

With this stupid Windows10 program, this post will have no continuity AT ALL. So, just stay with me.

I have lived on the Island of Hawai’i “The Big Island” for over 40 years it took a newcomer to the island to show me one of the most beautiful places on the island. I’m sure it has a lovely Hawaiian name which, of course, I do not know, but Bill calls is Glass Beach. It is of volcanic origin and is not quite sand. Instead the beach is comprised of tiny smooth rocks and bits of polished glass. The wave break is quite strong, not a swimming type of beach, but the wave action is strong and tumbles the rocks and glass together. It was like treasure hunting. I collected bits of green, cobalt blue, amber and white.  I have no idea of where the glass comes from– maybe Japan, or Tahiti, or Bora Bora, or maybe just up the Hamakua Coast. The weather at my house was beautiful– warm and sunny, but unfortunately, it was a rainy day here. Rain has never bothered me, but the photos are not as clear as they would’ve been. The walk down past a meandering river was spectacular…a few more photos though I have no idea where they will land as they are flying into all the wrong places.

I would like to go back again, on a sunny day and dance hula next to the river. It is quite inspiring.20170302_141727

The river bank had changed and was delivering some forest debris to the oceanside.
The river bank had changed and was delivering some forest debris to the ocean side.
Some of the path down was paved with large stones making it an easy trek
Some of the path down with large stones making it an easy trek
At the river with my bag of glass and smooth rocks.
At the river with my bag of glass and smooth rocks.


Showing a bit of a railroad tressle. A train use to go up the river from a mill
Showing a bit of a railroad trestle. A train use to go up the river from a mill

Reflections on a RiverReflections


The trail was like a walk through Jarassic Park
The trail was like a walk through Jarassic Park

The Oddest Memories

This morning I was on my computer browsing and came across a small bit about someone remembering something he had learned in college by Thomas Hardy. He mentioned that though it had been many years, he could still quote the passage. This got me to thinking about how our memories are quite amazing.

When I was in high school I had an English teacher who, at the time, I disliked for making us memorize the first few lines of the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. I can still, after 55 years,

still recite them and understand the Middle English:

Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote
the droghe of Marche hath perced to the roote.
And bath every veyne in swich licour
of which ventu engendred is the flour.

This morning I decided to read the entire prologue’s 200 lines. What amazed me was although much of the English spelling has changed over the centuries, the sounds are still similar enough that I could read and understand much of these oddly written words  and in doing so could appreciate what an amazing poet Chaucer was. His description of some of the characters that would be featured in his Tales are so lively. He painted pictures with his words which enabled me to SEE his traveling companions in my mind.

I remember some time ago the movie “The Knight’s Tale” came out. I loved it. My favorite character was Geoffrey Chaucer, the “knight’s announcer” prior to jousting battle. I think now I will have to read “The Knight’s Tale” by the poet himself.

I guess I owe all of this to Mrs. Hall. Thank you so much for engendering the passion to continue learning.