All is Being Cancelled

As the country is reeling from this disastrous virus, I am trying to minimize my movement in my community and staying at home as much as possible. This morning I dropped off packages at the post office which happened to be the last of my orders. I was glad I was able to catch up and get all out. I have a lot of time on my hands right now. Hula has been cancelled, ships are no longer coming into the port, so pier performances are cancelled. Since Life Care and Hale ‘Anuenue are care homes for mostly elderly residents our monthly performances have been cancelled. I had one Mo’oheau Bandstand performance in the morning and a line dance class the following day, but those have been cancelled. There are still a lot of people milling around, shopping, etc. but tourism is drastically curtailed therefore performances will also be curtailed as they are for the tourist trade. I have lots of food in my freezer. I bought TP before the hoarding began, I have water, two N95 masks that I bought when we had the ongoing eruption (though I have offered them to a doctor friend). I have cat food, a couple of books to read. I have TV and radio. Because the news is so ugly, I find myself watching the Hallmark romantic movies. I do admit I watch them from time to time anyway, but right now they are a good diversion. I listen to NPR when I’m sewing. I find it honest and thoughtful though, along with myself, is not enamored with Trump. I will probably alienate any of my Republican readers, but I blame him for the lack of response to this deadly viral disease calling it COVID-45. We should have had test kits months ago. He could have used test kits from WHO and he turned them down. They still haven’t tested all those residing at the Life Care Center in Seattle which was the first hot spot in the U.S. because they don’t have the supplies. So far, Hawai’i has had 70+ positive tests (most from outside Hawai’i), only five on the Big Island, but we have a dearth of supplies. We could have 1000s of people who have been exposed but don’t have symptoms. These are scary times. My oldest son lives in Seattle. He has always been rather non-communicative so any conversations have been rather terse but all is okay. My youngest son lives in Santa Cruz and is finally working at home. The higher up boss doesn’t think working at home is productive. What??? This younger generation knows how to be productive at home. And Jaron is so honest, he would never slack on his work. I talked to him every week or so, long informative talks.

Lately I’ve had a couple of incidents that made me stop and think. The first was a woman who stated she loves Trump and thinks he’s the best president ever. When I incredulously asked her why she said, “because he is such a good businessman”. When I countered that he has claimed bankruptcy five times her response was that any big businessman has had a bankruptcy and he has big hotels. I just sighed and turned away. I was tempted to say, “that’s because he built them on the backs of his construction crews, etc. that he never paid.” I held my tongue. I think of her being in a cult. The leader is supreme. It doesn’t matter how many times he proves otherwise he will remain so in their minds.

The second incident was as much as a shock. I received a thank you card, in person. It was very cute. It had an American flag draped in the background. In the foreground had three very cute puppies. One red, one white and one blue (bluish gray). When I told her how much a loved the card she said, “Oh good. I wasn’t sure that you would like it because of the American flag, but then I guess even Democrats can be patriotic.” This shook me to my core. Do all Republicans think they are the only patriotic Americans? This was a week ago and it still shakes me.

I will probably be able to write more often now that I have more time. I will continue to do some sewing, catch up on things for my virtual store. I will continue to practice my hula and my line-dances (Our Round-Up scheduled in June has been cancelled). The dances are difficult. Maybe next year we, Hilo, will be hosting so I don’t have to find the money for travel, hotel, car, etc. I did volunteer to make 100 Hawaiian cloth bags for the dancers and the goodies that go into the bags so I’m putting them on hold for awhile.

In their place I am sewing cloth face masks for care homes, Hospice, etc. These will, I hope, fill in some of the gaps in our supply chain. Unfortunately my Cloud stopped working so none of the photos I’ve recently taken are available so you just have to imagine how colorful face masks are when make in bright Hawaiian prints

Mahalo nui loa for sticking with me, Ki’ihele

2 thoughts on “All is Being Cancelled

  1. Marcia Gaudet

    Even Democrats can be patriotic? Does she believe only Republicans serve in the military? That unless you love Trump and his lying, name-calling, disregard for the poor, his devotion to billionaires, his racism, lack of interest in protecting our water & our environment, his lack of civility, his terrible business skills, his marital infidelities, his bullying, his illiteracy, his impulsiveness, his divisiveness, his blaming everyone else for anything he has failed at and taking credit for everything he has no right to, you do not love our country? He is to blame for the hatred and divisiveness in our society. He has encouraged racism and emboldened the worst members of our society. He has insulted and alienated our allies. He admires what he calls “strong leaders,” — real dictators — because he wants to be a dictator. I think one of the things I hate most about him is how he demeans people — have we EVER had a president who invented unflattering nicknames for anyone who disagrees with him? He acts like a spoiled child and cannot resist saying nasty things about other people, while at the same time calling people and their questions “nasty” if they aren’t licking his boots? He cannot stay on topic when addressing an issue — he goes off the rails to pat himself on the back and complain about things and people that have no relevance to the subject at hand. A patriot is someone who not only loves our country but acts in its best interests and strives to make it better through words and actions.

    I do not understand how any woman could have voted for him unless she had a coal miner husband who he promised to put back to work. I see nothing to admire in him. He is a poor excuse for a man.


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