I’m ticked off.

I just wrote for an hour and when I went to publish it wouldn’t go through. After several tries, still no luck, so I had to close AND I lost the entire hour of writing. I’m so ticked off. What happened to drafts? I previewed it without a problem which generally saves everything, but this time didn’t. If I get more pissed, I will probably quit WP and just vent on Facebook! Any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “I’m ticked off.

  1. KirkP

    Although I don’t know what the editing environment in WordPress is like or capable of accepting, but at the very least you should compose the body of the article in either Notepad, WordPad or MS Word and save it. Then at least you have not lost all the composition effort. Then copy the body of this document and paste it into WordPress. That should be possible. It is in the tools I use. That should leave you with a minimum of last minute tweaking in WordPress before you attempt to save/publish it.

    By the way, how’s the Covid-19 situation in your village/town? We have 3 infected in our town (out of 70,000 residents).



  2. Actually, it was good advice. I always get so into the subject that I just go right on to WP and lose them half the time. I KNOW I should copy and paste, I just never seem to do it. Well, after wasting about an hour, I will do so in the future.

    My original post was super good! LOL


  3. I finally started writing all of my blog posts in Microsoft Word, AFTER I lost a few things.
    You think I would have known better, but no.
    Years ago, when I worked on company proposals, we had several people (including myself) who were finalizing documents that had to be delivered the next morning. There was a thunderstorm brewing outside, but no one paid attention to it—until suddenly—there was a bright flash and a roar of thunder, and the electricity went out. Several people screamed out in despair: “OH NO!”
    I just sat there in dismay, staring at my blank computer. I hadn’t saved anything in quite awhile, so I had lost almost 2 hours of hard work (like many of the others).
    Then our proposal coordinator walked into the room and sternly said, “IF all of you were more like Jesus, you would not have to do your work over again.”
    WHAT? WHY?
    Then, he quietly said these words of wisdom: “Jesus saves.”
    He turned and calmly walked out of the room without saying another word.
    He knew we didn’t expect him to say that. He was Buddhist.
    We had to stay late that night!


    1. I tried to do it in windows but for some reason it acted as if it wasn’t installed . I finally gave up. I’ve had a lot of computer problems. Recently my cloud had arbitrarily became unsynced so my down load photos are unavailable. However when qwnr back into my blog site the draft turned up and I was able to edit and publish . Yay! Now trying to write in One Note or MS Office. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for your input. Your boss made a good point.


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