Computer Blues and Hula

I have spent the last three days crying over all the problems I’m having with my new computer, actually the second one I’ve owned in the past week. My last new one jammed up and refused to leave a page. I couldn’t exit, couldn’t cancel, couldn’t move the cursor and became a raging curser! The January woman, according to the sweatshirt for sale, has the mouth of a sailor…how true! I was embarrassing myself. Now I have another computer because I took the last one back. This one has just as many problems. I’m not a complete idiot when it comes to technology. I’ve been able to sync photos, make changes to my Etsy account, install apps and delete or uninstall programs without a problem. But, no, not this time. Everything imaginable has gone wrong. Half the time my browser is unable to connect to the internet even though I have a secure connection or it takes so much time to find the program it just gives up.
Here’s hoping I’m able to get through this post without having to threaten to throw the computer out the window.

For the past two or three months I have had soooooo many hula performances. It’s been such fun. I am now dancing at the pier for tourists exiting the huge ships. I’m dancing at Mo’ohuea Bandstand for the tourists who have made it into Hilo town. I dance at the Life Care Center, The Vets Centers, the Hale Anuenue. I’ve danced at a Quinceanera party for a 15 year old Mexican senorita. I’ve danced at the Visayan Philippino Party. We’ve celebrated Thanksgiving in dresses I made for this season, Christmas with dresses I made for the winter holiday season. I’ve had the opportunity to wear most of my dresses that I’ve bought for our Merrie Monarch Hula Ho’olaule’a. It’s fun dressing up with lei and flowers in my hair–well sort of. My hair is short and flowers simply don’t attach well. Because we dance so frequently we use silk flowers so I glued or clipped mine to a headband. The band doesn’t really show and the flowers go right where I want them.

Ha’a Ka Wahine




The Hula Sisters and friends at the Bandstand in Hilo town


And with all the costume changes over the past couple of months, you have witnessed my hair color changes as well. I’ve decided to stop coloring my hair and letting it go natural. It’s prettier than in the Christmas picture. It’s silvery and I like it. My birthday is in a few days and I will turn 74. It’s okay if I look 74. I feel good, I look pretty good. I’m able to attend my hula, line-dance and ballroom dance classes and keep up. I think learning different dancing skills helps with memory, fitness and social connection, as well as brain health. I’m having fun and that’s an important part of living.


3 thoughts on “Computer Blues and Hula

  1. Kirk

    Carol Ruth! A sweet girl like you swearing like a sailor? I cannot believe it!

    Yes, I know the problems in Windows. I assume it is a Windows 10 PC. Is this your first Win 10 PC? With new (and also used) PCs, often you have to run through the maintenance cycles to ensure you have the latest drivers and Windows maintenance. Oddly enough, the weakest part in Windows is the display driver. A back-level driver will hang at the most inopportune moments. I can offer help if you want to email me.


    1. Iʻm not sure you received a message I sent before, if so, just ignore this one. Iʻm still having the computer blues.

      I am having a lot of fun. I’m either dancing hula, line-dance or ballroom six days a week. In hula we are practicing for the Kona Kupuna Hula Competition…a first for Uncle Johnny. I’m line-dance practicing for our two demo dances at Round-up in June on Kaua’i. And, learning a lot of new moves in ballroom, getting ready for our big Valentine’s Party. My sewing business is gearing up again. I usually have a break between Christmas and Valentine’s, but it’s starting early. I sew for hula halau on the Mainland and right now I have 34 pā’ū, 29 hula tops, a garment bag and a menʻs along shirt to make. Yikes! Iʻm also trying to make 50 zabuton pillows for a church but having a really hard time finding the 100% cotton stuffing! I hope your life is moving at a similar pace, having fun working and playing. Say Hi to all my hula sisters.


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