Ariana, The Hunter

Ariana is my shelter cat. I got her when I lived on Maui. She suffered as did I during our first ten days or so back on the Big Island. Me, having to face the sad disrepair of my home and Ariana having to face solitary confinement at a good friend’s house. We did make it through all the initial discomfort and are now happily ensconced in our little cottage. When I picked her out at the shelter they told me she was a good hunter, but I had no idea how right they were. This week alone I have rescued six geckos, two coqui frogs, a bird and two mice. She never eats them. She just brings them into the house through her cat door to let go for me to chase. I think she gets pleasure in watching me scrambling around the little studio. Thank goodness it IS just a studio! Last week I came home to a room full of feathers…I mean, everywhere. Feathers on the bed, under the bed, on the kitchen island, the TV console, the computer desk. This little bird didn’t give up easily. I, as yet, have not found this one and some day I’m sure I will come across a naked little bird body in my laundry hamper or in a shoe box. I haven’t put much effort into finding it still secretly hoping it escaped or Ariana just got bored and took it back outside.

Lately though, her hunting has taken on a new dimension. She has evidently decided that small critters aren’t worth the energy expelled. A few days ago she was outside and I don’t like to see her close to the road, so I called to her. I She came out of the brush carrying a HUGE rat. It was dangling about four inches on each side of her mouth. YIKES! I immediately ran inside shut the door and blocked off her cat door, the whole time yelling, “no, no no.” About an hour later she came to the door without any critters so I let her in. But, the last few nights I’ve heard noises in my pantry and have found evidence of either a mouse of a rat. I’m thinking rat because it has eaten most of the plastic tops off of things like nuts or raisins. It had ripped open my couscous and pasta shells and about five other goodies. I have tossed more food than I have eaten. I went to town and now have just about everything in large jars or mason jars. I still hear it, however even with a flashlight have not been able to see it. I’m ordering an electronic mouse trap. It’s a speedy, efficient device that doesn’t involved squishing the poor thing, but I don’t want them in the house. Today, I locked Ariana out when she tried to get in with another rat which she eventually let go on my screened-in lanai. Hopefully, it will find the way out and not in. I also kept out another gecko. Frogs, geckos and an occasional mouse I can live with, but rats, no way! Hunter indeed. What to do, what to do?


6 thoughts on “Ariana, The Hunter

  1. Sharon Martin

    Oh I need your kitty. I am battling rats in my attic!!!!! Here in Florida we have all kinds of critters too, and I sure don’t like sharing my home with them.

  2. We have pack rats here in the desert (Tucson). One of the easy solutions to keep them away from our cars (they nest under the hood and eat wires) is to put dryer sheets around where you don’t want them. Another person told me they also don’t like Pine Sol smell. When we lived in SW Florida, we had a rat die in the corner of our attic. It was one of the worst smells I’ve ever experienced in our home. And my husband got lots of extra points for crawling in to pull the rotting corpse out of there. Ew.

  3. Oh my but you have a heroic husband! Since I put everything into glass I haven’t seen any new rat traces. I hope it has found its way out of the house. I just rescued a gecko. It’s an ongoing journey. When I lived in Maui I used an electronic mouse/rat trap. If I find that the rat is still around I will order one of those. They work great! Of course, in an attic you would have to check it all the time otherwise you would have those yucky bodies smelling up the place.

  4. Kirk

    Great! You must have a vegan cat with the instincts of a tiger. When we had a cat here in Texas, it ate everything it found, including (unfortunately) lizards and Western Blind Snakes (same size as a garden worm). The cat lived with us for 19 years and only when it died did we start seeing these reptiles again.

  5. Maybe that’s it! She eats Blue Buffalo which is chicken and veggies! So, not a complete vegetarian, but close. Your cat lived a looooong time. Most of my cats have lived 17 or 18 yrs. I’m somewhat thankful my cat doesn’t eat the critters.

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