Cooking at Home

One of the things that make me feel like I’m home again is cooking. Today is a cooking day. I make fresh strawberry crepes for breakfast, luscious berries with a dusting of powdered sugar…a good way to start the day.

Yesterday I did some planning ahead for today’s dinner so I took out a beautiful thick pork chop. I am inspired by an Asian style marinade. Into a reusable bag goes the chop and the marinade, squishing to make sure the marinade infuses into the chop. Into the fridge it goes for over night. Once I am ready to eat again I take the chop out, heat the grill to high, cook some rice with red beans and a splash of Sriracha for a little kick. I cut some broccoli into flowerets and get out my bamboo steamer. While the broccoli is steaming to a slightly crunchy perfection, I throw the chop on the grill. After a few minutes I take it off to rest while I plate the rice and veggie.

When I cut into the chop I want to tear up with joy. It is sooooo tasty, tender and juicy. I pour a glass of wine and enjoy. I’m home, I’m cooking, I’m happy.

Perfect Asian pork chop
Perfect Asian pork chop

5 thoughts on “Cooking at Home

  1. I’m so glad you’re back home and working on your cottage. How fortunate you had friends to help. Your cooking puts me to shame. To tell the truth, we eat out alot, especially at a vegetarian restaurant. The yardwork is what I love, better than anything inside. You have all those tropical plants and flowers to work with. We have rocky soil and succulents, that’s about it, and less with water shortages, though they say we have enough water for two years. Thank you so much for keeping us updated on your progress. I can’t believe those renters, every landlord’s nightmare. At least you can move forward to once again enjoy your real home. I’m just finishing a three act play which will be performed in November at a small theater on El Cajon Blvd. I understand according to Paula, they are having an MM get-together at Wells Park (I think) in October. I’ll be there.

  2. The yard is going to have to wait a bit. They took all my tools, lawn mowers, etc. and I can’t really afford to buy anew right now. I have pulled a few weeds from around the house and a friend cut down some weed-trees that were hanging on the power lines. I have a new threat in the form of a terrible plant that has taken over on the Big Island. They have extremely deep roots so need a truck and come-along to pull them out. And since it rains every night here, they are thriving! Some of my trees are beautiful though. They’ve grown 10-12 feet since I left. My paclan is in bloom right now. It’s of the magnolia family and the fragrance is delightful. Much like a night-blooming jasmine. In Hawaiian we would say ‘ala onaona. A fragrance so strong it almost makes you dizzy.

    I so glad you are still writing plays and finding venues so to share. I had heard about a mini-reunion. I doubt I will make it. It’s simply too expensive to travel that far for only a few days. It does sound like it would be fun though.

  3. Thank you Sue. It’s so good to be back and nearly back to normal. Since I’m no longer working full time and trying to keep the shop open, I will have more time to keep up with my sewing, with Etsy, LinkedIn, etc. It’s been a struggle, but I now learning to relax!

  4. It’s funny how something as mundane as cooking can become a focal point for one’s sanity. I appreciate those who have recently hopped on the Aloha Train, welcome aboard. Also funny is that I thought when I retired and opened up my Etsy shop I would have more time. Ha ha! I’m twice as busy as I was when I worked full time at an outside job. But then, I’ve also added two days of line-dancing along with my two days of hula! I’m enjoying the hell out of life!

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