Back Home on the Big Island

After three years on Maui, a somewhat long three years, I was so excited to get off the plane at Hilo Airport. One of my best friends picked me up and suggested I spend the night at her house and drive out to my cottage in the morning. In hindsight this turned out to be the best decision of my life! We drive out only to find my little cottage in shambles and a good part of my things stolen. I no longer have a water heater, washer nor dryer. I was missing two screen doors, a microwave, bookcases, all my gardening and lawn-care tools. My beautiful kitchen floor tiles are cracked, my wood floors are plastered with children’s stickers. The cabinetry have been “Magic Marked”. My drywall has several holes obviously from being punched. The appliances, while still here, are dirty, faucets are either missing or damaged. The shower is damaged, fixtures taken…toilet paper bar, towel bars. Instead of a manicured lawn with beautiful trees and flowers I’m now encased in a jungle. I sit on the floor and cry. This was, at one time, my place of peace in a wonderfully chaotic life.

If it wasn’t for my friend, I would still be sitting on my floor. But, she reminds me that getting up would accomplish a lot more than what I’m presently doing. So, a quick trip to the store to buy cleaning supplies. We spend the day scrubbing floors, walls, appliances. In one day it is already looking and smelling better. But, still not ready for occupancy. I end up staying with my friend and her husband for almost ten days! During that time I buy a water heater, a microwave, screen doors. Art works tirelessly putting things together, patching walls. Jan and I paint the interior. I still have the ceiling and beams to paint, but that will come in time.

I’m now in my tiny house. It’s feeling like home. I have new valance curtains on the windows, a have a wild carpet, a colorful bed comforter. I’m able get back to my on-line sewing business. My sewing machine table is still in my living area, but soon will be relegated to a permanent location yet to be decided. I have a couple of options in mind.

I know I should have taken photos of the mess, but I simply wanted to wipe the visions from my memory. When I left the interior was a soft sea foam green and peach, but I feel the need for a more cheery décor. So, this is what a part of it looks like now.

Lookin' on the wild side
Lookin’ on the wild side

I recently added a small black leather recliner. Since I’m suffering a low back injury during all the unpacking (one particularly heavy item) I am now enjoying the massage option! I look forward to bringing in my TV console and getting my sewing to its own space so I can finish my decorating. After that I start tackling the yard.


4 thoughts on “Back Home on the Big Island

  1. I’ve become a wild child in my later years! LOL. Unfortunately, it wasn’t intruders, but my renters who turned out to be tweakers and were probably selling off my things for drugs. I had no idea. They always paid on time until the last month. But, the neighbors were very glad to see them go. You just never know.

  2. Wow! That is an incredible story, and I am so sorry for what you had to come home to, but remembering how much you love that place, I am certain you will do everything in your power, and call on all of your inner strength, to restore it, and maybe even find that the “new” space will represent who you are today even better than what you had left 3 years ago. May God grant you the ability to forgive all that was done to you; you are such a special person.

  3. When I left, the cottage was all done in soft colors, but as you can see, my energy level has gone UP! I am making it my own. Yes, I’ve been blessed with such good friends and He is keeping an eye on my progress. Just being back on the Big Island has made a difference in my life. Both my church and my hula halau have welcomed me back as if I had never left. These have always been the “rocks” in my life… always there for me.

    How are things going in your life? I know you’ve kept busy as I still check in with LI every now and then. Keep in touch.


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