A Maui Sunset

It’s been cold, rainy, windy and cloudy and I’m so over winter. But, yesterday evening the clouds sat above the horizon and produced the first sunset worth photographing since autumn. I always have to take pause and remember those who are living through some of the worst storms in history on the East Coast and Mid West. However, they have parkas, and hats, and gloves, and boots. I have a sweater, sweatpants and crocheted booties. It’s a matter of acclimation and clothing! It’s dipping into the mid 40’s up here in Kula. I’m not use to it yet. To me it’s freezing and I sometimes wonder if I’m going to make it through the night. In the morning my fingertips are snow white and numb. I can feel nothing and find it difficult to get my sewing done. About 10:00am my fingers finally thaw out. But, last evening it seemed different. The rain had stopped, the wind stopped blowing it’s icy breath from the north, the clouds parted and from my back yard I was able to see the sky brighten as the sun slowly sank, not into the sea, but behind the West Maui Mountains. It makes me think that maybe winter has loosened its grip and I will once again have feeling back into my fingers.

Taking from my lanai up in Kula
Taken from my lanai up in Kula




6 thoughts on “A Maui Sunset

  1. Aloha Sandy. I’ve been keeping up on FB with you and your new grandson, soooo cute. Yes, it’s nice to see a beautiful sunset again. It was much prettier than what my Nokia phone put out. That’s one thing I missed in Hilo…the sunsets, but oh the gorgeous sunrises! I’m anxiously awaiting spring.

  2. Can you turn on more heat there? We don’t use the heat at night, and it gets pretty cold in my bedroom, but I have two quilts. You might consider wearing mittens at night, if you don’t like the heater on. Those sunsets are an unusual color and it was interesting to see part of the islands. You will have a beautiful spring. I can hardly wait for my wild roses to enliven. I’m going to North Carolina the end of April till Mid May and will finally see green trees there. They had two or three weeks of snow, but not as much as last year when I was there. I even sat in quilts, when I read a book, and when we’d go in the car I’d make a run for the car – nothing could stop me.ha ha The kids even covered their faces.

  3. Today was even cold in town, a cold rain. It’s 66 with an icy wind. It snowed on Haleakala which only happens about every ten years! I Googled the weather in Hilo and it was 75 degrees. Another reason to miss the Big Island. I certainly wouldn’t be going to NC in the winter. I do not do well in the cold, especially as I get older. There is no heating in apartment, houses, etc. here in Maui so when it’s cold it’s just bundle up and get through it. Send me a photo of your wild roses when they bloom!

  4. The last two days I’ve gone without a sweater for the first time since about Oct. It’s been unseasonably cold. But, it looks like spring may be here at last!

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