Kalikimaka in Kula

While winter generally brings to mind snow, sledding, icicles and freezing temperatures, here on the island of Maui the daytime temperature is still in the 80’s. No one is sledding, there is no snow nor icicles. However up the side of Haleakala mountain it is crisp enough to remind us the winter months are fast approaching. Last night was a perfect reminder of the Christmas season.

Each year the company I work for has a company party. But, this year instead of having a “one for all” they decided to have intimate parties for each of the groups. So, we were escorted in the company Mercedes shuttle up to Kula for our surprise destination. It was magical…a fairy land of lights, a delightful table-scape in the yard and a five course meal that was on par with a five-star hotel restaurant. The night was crisp but there was a fire pit for warmth and ambiance. It is difficult to capture that feeling of togetherness. And, to have the General Manager, the HR Manager and the Staff Manager cooking and waiting on us was exhilarating in how special it made us feel.

We began with an open bar which for me meant a Tequila Gimlet! Next were the pupus (appetizers) of edemame and poke (soy beans and raw fish with onions, seaweeds and spices). Then, came the most delicious manapua I’ve ever had. Next was a luscious salad with homemade croutons. The main course was an Italian seafood soup with clams, mussels, shrimp, crab and white fish. After all this delectable food, we took a break to open gifts and warm our hands by the fire. Then to top it all off, back to the table for creme brulee with the perfect crunchy topping and caramelized bananas.

Since I had left my camera at home, my friend and co-worker Rieko was kind enough to share her photos with me.

photo 2-2

A beautiful setting for a delightful party
A beautiful setting for a delightful party

photo 2-1

A composite of some of the yummies
A composite of some of the yummies

photo 5-2

The Maui Airport Shuttle crew
The Maui Airport Shuttle crew

I am reminded that it isn’t the snow, presents or cold weather that epitomize Christmas. It is Christ, wonderful friendships, co-workers who care for their employees and times shared with loved ones.

MELE KALIKIMAKA A ME HAU’OLI MAKAHIKI HOU…Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the island of Maui.


4 thoughts on “Kalikimaka in Kula

  1. What a fun party. I like the picture of you. We plan some church volunteer work for Christmas, a party, and I’ll go to some activities. Have a wonderful Season and I hope you get some days off. The food looked delectable with some tastes particular to Hawaii. Thanks for thinking of your Friends with some holiday pictures. God Bless your season.

  2. Only in Hawaii would upper echelon serve their employees. The pictures were wonderful and food looks delicious. You, my darling, look absolutely gorgeous. So happy you are doing well. I’m trying real hard not to envy you. LOL May The Good Lord bless you this Holiday Season. Much Love, Sister Beth

    1. Aloha Beth. Thank you. How wonderful to hear from you again. Yes, only in Hawai’i. Not only serving, but the GM did all the amazing cooking. He also cooked for our party a couple months ago…Hawaiian food to die for for about 200! He is top notch chef, very five star.

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