My Move to Maui…Wow-Wee

And, I thought I was living in the country before!Image

This is the view from my kitchen window. Surrounding me are horses, cattle, Angus bulls, sheep, goats and chickens AND I’m in my element. This is Up-Country Maui in the Makawao district which is home to most of the cowboys, ranchers, farmers. It’s cool with a nice tradewind blowing most of the time. I will always love the Big Island of Hawai’i, but I think Maui will also become a love. It’s very different. No ‘ohi’a trees which I find odd. But, there are towering pines, forests of eucalyptus and my personal favorite, thousands of plumeria trees all abloom with fragrant flowers. The beaches are lovely. And, because of the funneling tradewinds, a mecca for surfers, kite-surfers and wind-surfers, it is a lot more likely that I will see my kite-surfing youngest son sooner than if I were on the Big Island. The main town of Kahului is much more of a city than Hilo. Kahului spreads out over miles and miles instead of concentrated in one small area. I’m perpetually lost but since I am extremely directionally challenged find this somewhat normal. I usually find my way home, eventually. I am so thankful for GPS on my smart phone. It is thrilling to have several fabric stores in town where I will soon be heading as I have a coupon for 25% off of flowered fabrics…just up my alley!

I thought moving from a studio cottage to a three-bedroom house would be so easy, but the accumulation we had amazes me. There is a ton of storage in the new house, but I’m having a difficult time finding room for everything. And, when I find a spot, it is usually “out of context”. I will put the mixer with the boxes of tea because it fits. The kitchen is like a giant jigsaw puzzle, with pieces all over the place. Right now it seems like too much effort to organize. I know I will have to change things around soon, but now I’m enjoying the challenge of trying to find a box of raisins which may or may not be with the soup or the pots and pans…hmmmm, a snack shelf. I may have to think about that if I could just find the other missing snacks.


9 thoughts on “My Move to Maui…Wow-Wee

  1. I don’t think, until you have to pack away all of your posessions, ee realise how much stuff we have. I’d hate to have to do it myself!
    You are lucky to have all those fabric shops, we have one in Liscard (near where I live) and there’s only a couple in Liverpool city centre.
    Have fun choosing your floral fabrics 🙂

  2. I feel your pain. We went from a one room cabin with an outhouse (on 87 acres) to a 4 bdrm 2 bath house on an acre close to town when we lived in western Colorado. It took me the longest time to find anything. I think living small you’re used to being more organized. You’ll find your groove I’m sure. The island sounds wonderful.

    1. I’m getting there, Mary. Today I was able to sew for the first time. I’m still sore, but taking breaks helps. I do like it to be organized so I’m working on it.

  3. Donna Gordon

    Carol, back to the early days in Lemon Grove – huh? I miss the woods with my son in North Carolina where I walked the dogs everyday. I downsized from my apartment to a room at Janet’s house to help her out. Everything I have has been condensed into about four big boxes. It was painful but Amvets never had it so good. I love it here as I have outdoor pets and a room with a view. If anything changes here, I’m moving to the East Coast to be around grandchildren. So I’m a mobile grandma. Keep writing, it’s so entertaining. I’m in the process of making dolls, but people keep asking for clothes so go figure? Hope to hear from you soon. Donna Gordon

    1. At least my one room in the cottage was a fairly good size of 20×20. This place feels cavernous! Even with all the furniture in place now, it still echoes! My sewing room is big enough for all my sewing needs and Keith has a room for his office, doubling as a guest room and we have our room. I love the two bathrooms! And, the two car garage! I tried going into your website but it didn’t connect so I will try again. I would love to see what you’re doing. I wish I could say I had grands to live close to. The boys are like their mom, a late bloomer. But, I spent several weeks, off and on in N. Carolina and it was incredibly beautiful, however, now I don’t think I could handle the winters. I’m too use to Hawaiian sun all year long.

  4. Norma Rudloff

    Your island sounds wonderful and you’ll be organized before you know it. I’ve spent the past few days de-cluttering and spring cleaning and know that we have too much “stuff” around. I keep thinking that I’d hate to have our kids have to deal with it all!!! I think that moving would solve a lot of problems because my hubby would be forced to look at his “stuff” with a different eye or attitude and that’s half the problem here!!!
    Having a business with all that accumulates from that doesn’t help either!!! Enjoy your island!

    1. Oh Norma, you have no idea how I can relate to a hubby “mess”. I was married to a hoarder for 30 yrs. until I just couldn’t bear it any more. So, I went from being surrounded by a ton of stuff to almost nothing. I simply didn’t want anything in my new cottage. Little by little I allowed things in, but at least they were my things. Now, with the move I had to pare down some but as this is a bigger house I moved most of my things. However Keith and I tend to double up stuff. He and I both have sets of dishes, silver, glasses, etc. So, who gives up what?

  5. Janet

    Happy Monday, Carol! Love your update. Hope you’ll keep putting pics of your new hale and island home. Much love, Friend! J.

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