The Magic of Hula


With my hula brothers and sisters,

Tänzer mit ʻuliʻuli beim Hula kahiko, Merrie M...
Tänzer mit ʻuliʻuli beim Hula kahiko, Merrie Monarch Festival 2003, Hilo, Hawaiʻi, USA; Pentax Z 20, Tamron Zoom AF/MF 3,8-5,6/28-200 mm aspherical (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lei of friendship is formed,

Stringing our souls together with chant.

We sway to the rhythms of ancient voices,

Calling from beyond the veil, pulling us gently

Into a new realm of consciousness.

The cadence quickens, heartbeats match the fast paced steps; feet pound, bodies sway, skirts fly, hands relate stories of guardian spirits and long ago kings.

We relive Hawaii of old if only for a brief moment.

Such is the magic, the spirit, of hula.


13 thoughts on “The Magic of Hula

  1. It was a poem I wrote a long time ago. I submitted it to a poetry contest and lo and behold, they wanted to publish it. Wow, I was so excited. Then, of course, they wanted me to buy the book it was being published in, which I did. My poem was right there on the front page. Woo-hoo. Then I realized that everyone in the book had purchased it and was probably on the front page of their own book. I was duped. But, I kept the book to show to my Mom who was impressed. *smile*. I enjoy writing poetry, but now mostly for myself!

  2. Aloha Carol,
    Love your blog….you’ve made the best with your transition to Maui. Me too to the island of California…taking care of the in laws is important….but always to be back to Hawaii nei….
    Like now, enjoying Merrie Monarch 2013….maybe you too. I will be happy to watch you and your blog!
    Love Mo’ikeha

    1. Oh, Mo’ikeha, I cannot imagine you in Calif. How do manage without dancing and teaching hula? At least I can easily find a halau. This week of MM has been just stendous! I didn’t get tickets so I’m watching it on TV, but I’ve gone to all the live performances around town. This last four days, I got to dance hula with Kainani Kahaunaele, Weldon Kahauoha, Cyril Pahunui and Manu Boyd! It just doesn’t get much better than that! It’s been crazy what with packing, sewing and dancing. Maui might be just the ticket to finally get to relax. We will probably only be there a couple of years. Keith’s job probably won’t last much longer than that and without the extra job, Maui is too expensive. But, it will be an adventure as I’m sure you look at CA the same…just a moment in time soon to return to Hawai’i nei.

      1. Hey Carol,
        you had a great MM week! Yes, I was there too, but didn’t go to anything in town. Too busy helping what i can at Eden Roc. Had lots of construction going on…got to watch on t.v. a couple nights in Hilo, but enjoyed my mo’opuna most of all. ..but hula will always be there for me in some capacity…always…..You know food is cheaper here and everything close by…but kupuna is here for only so long so we must help as needed.
        All is good as long as I can travel back n forth to Hawaii, I will be okay….and the Academy of Hawaiian Arts is close by too! oh yeah!
        Keep in touch my friend and seamstress!
        Me ke aloha,

  3. Aloha Mo’ikeha,
    I had to watch MM on TV as well, but I had so much fun with the entertainers in the small intimate venue of Basically Books. It was such an incredible experience. Well, with the Academy of Hawaiian Arts close by you can’t go wrong. I’m sure he will have performances to go to. And, yes, kupuna don’t stay around forever. My Mom is 90 in Aug. but she is in relatively good health. She walks at least a couple of miles every day. She still lives alone and keeps in touch with her doctor who tells her she’s certainly not ready for a nursing home. She doesn’t want to come to Hawai’i and live (we tried that). She likes the desert!
    I will be looking for a halau on Maui, praying for Napua Greig Makua. Uncle Johnny was her kumu so maybe I’ll have a bit of an “in”. I hope. This week was emotionally draining as I had to say goodbye to a lot of hula sisters (and a few brothers as well) and I had to say goodbye to my church, equally difficult. But, change is good and I’m looking at the move as an adventure.

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