Now my brain is trippin’

I’m at the point of wondering what the dickens I’m doing moving to Maui. My beautiful little cottage is awash is boxes, bags, plastic bins. I have stacks of newspaper strewn all over the floor. You know, all those little corn dishes and miniature gravy boats need protection. After packing one plastic tub, I realize I can’t move it, let alone lift it.  So, what do I do without. If it was just up to me I would get rid of, in a nanosecond, those square plates made for a giant and weight in at about 10 lbs. each. I have come to the conclusion that a demented inventor came up with a square plate and a square bowl. Every time I lift one with  food in it, the soup, cereal or gravy goes right up the corner channel to the floor. Soup is impossible to carry, impossible! But, those belong to Keith and he has such great admiration for them.  Of course he’s already on Maui and doesn’t have to worry about lifting them. And, do we really need a separate plate for corn? I’m more pragmatic. And, I’m more of a down home cook. Keith is more gourmet. And, I have to do all the extra little dishes. Keith doesn’t do dishes (but, hey, I don’t do laundry). So, I guess I will have to keep them too.

I, on the other hand, am keeping my DVDs though I haven’t watched one since signing up for DISH about two years ago. I just keep thinking someday I will have the time to just sit back, relax, flip on the DVD player, kick off my shoes and watch a movie that just entertains me. A movie like For the Love of the Game or The Wedding Crashers. I don’t look for esthetics in my movies. However, I somehow doubt I will ever get around to watching one. My online shop is interfering with my packing and my idle fun. Thank you very much! I had this whole thing figured out–what day I would pack what. But then, I got an order for 12 hula skirts. Okay, no problem, I’ll just pack at night (yeah, sure). But, it only took three days to get the little skirts off to their hula dancing owners and I was ready to get things back on track. What? another 12 skirts?, Yep! Only have one of those done as I have payment for only one so far. But, then I got an order for 10 tops. Not started yet, though paid for, because the fabric store doesn’t have yellow so I had to order it from Honolulu. Now I have an interest in 7 skirts and 7 tops to match! So, while waiting on the fabric I decided to make myself a travel bag. I got this cool pattern from my sister-in-law and I love the way it turned out. It is “changeable”–going from a standard size tote to a big travel bag. I forgot to get the clips for the tops so the handles are not on yet, but the top of the bag folds down into the inside and the clips transfer to the next set of D-rings. I think it will be a big   help in the move.DSCN0359DSCN0360

I love being busy…anything to take me away from messing up the house with paper, boxes, and a terrible lack of towels for the bathroom. Now where in the dickens did I put those. I guess the next step is to label.


2 thoughts on “Now my brain is trippin’

    1. Mahalo, Amelie,
      The bag wasn’t too difficult, but then I had good instructions. I think it will come in handy for the move. I’ve never been thrilled about moving though I’ve done enough of it in my lifetime. But, this time it is after living on the same island for over 38 years. Leaving my friends will be the hardest part of the move. I am so thankful for Facebook!

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