Trippin’ to Maui

I’m from Hawai’i. And, for the last 38 years I’ve been a resident of the Island of Hawai’i or, as it is affectionately known, The Big Island. I have settled in my little cottage with my significant other, who is from Maui, and thought this would be our forever home. But, things change on a dime! He was offered a job that is right up his PhD alley of digital communications. He’s excited. And, not so secretly, he has missed his home island and his family of sisters, nieces, nephews.  Educated at the prestigious Hawaiian school Kamehameha, he learned to be “An Industrious Human Being”. I think this was their mantra, so even at the age of 68 he is industrious. I’m not Hawaiian by ancestry so I had to learn to be industrious on my own!

So, he is on Maui working and I’m on the Big Island with the responsibility of sorting, packing, interviewing renters, putting “no needs” on Craig’s List, deciding what is to be left here in storage and what we must take. Of course, the first things on my list of takes are my sewing machine and supplies, otherwise I will cease to be industrious, and my hula skirts and hula implements as without these I would cease to be human.  We need to do a lot of pruning.  We are both making lists of takes and then seeing where they overlap. So far, we are on the same page.

At the same time I am making a list of things I will love about Maui. It has beautiful beaches that I won’t have to drive 100 miles to get to. It has not only Discount Fabric Warehouse, but Fabric Mart–TWO fabric stores…whoo hoo! The Foodland grocery store carries delicious cinnamon rolls with pecans atop the icing. There are several hula halau (schools) that I would almost give a right arm to dance with. Maui has the 4th of July rodeo and the Maui Arts Community Center, the MACC, which has top entertainers from the Mainland as well as Hawai’i. They host the annual slack key guitar (kiho’alu) festival which Keith and I both love and have flown over to Maui just to attend. It’s windy on Maui, but it doesn’t rain every day so I will not have to contend with mold or mildew. There are no coqui frogs keeping you up at night, though I must admit I’ve gotten use to their “white noise”. There are so many wonderful golf courses.

I know I will miss my many friends I’ve made over the years some of which I’ve had for the entire 38 yrs. I’ve lived here. But, I thank God for Facebook! I’m looking at this as an adventure. The job may only last for a couple of years so, who knows, we may come back to live in our little cottage once again. However, as we age it will be more difficult to live here as it is 4 miles to the highway where a bus comes every couple of hours. There may come a time when we will have to give up driving and are unable to walk that distance. The county does not provide services out this far.

We’re keeping our options open.


5 thoughts on “Trippin’ to Maui

  1. Conrats to your hubby! Since he’s already in Maui, I will venture to say that he’s feeling better, which is what we’ve all been wanting to hear. I like the way you look at this kind of change in your life and your outlook for the future. Good luck in Maui:)

  2. Yes, he’s back to normal, health-wise and excited about working in his specialty again. He enjoys the challenge. And, of course since he’s from Maui he’s back with family and friends where it doesn’t rain every day. I’m use to it. I’m no allergic to mold and mildew. We’ll be fine on Maui. Have sewing machine, will travel. Since my Hawaiian name is Ki’iheleonamokuhonua which means wanderer of the world of islands, I guess I once again will live up to it.

  3. Hi Kiihele, What an exciting and sad time. It sounds like you are focusing on the positive with the move. I hope you enjoy Maui and make many new friends. Facebook is a beautiful thing in this case! It is so easy to keep in touch with people these days.

  4. My Hawaiian name is Ki’iheleonamokuhonua which means wanderer of the island world. So, I’m living up to it. When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I moved something like 24 or 25 times, hence the name that was given me. Since then I’ve been much more settled, this being only the third move since then!

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