A Day at the Beach Park

This morning, while waiting for our truck inspection, we decided to while away the time at Richardson’s Beach Park in Keaukaha on the Big Island of Hawai’i. It’s hard to believe this is winter though we have had our share of rain lately…but not today. It is cool enough for jeans, but not cold enough for a jacket (unless I’m in a grocery store where it seems arctic!). I whipped out my camera, which I now take with me everywhere, and took some photos of this picturesque park.

Richardson's Beach Park
Richardson’s Beach Park


Richardson's Beach Park, Keaukaha, Hawai'i
Richardson’s Beach Park, Keaukaha, Hawai’i
The palms of Keaukaha
The palms of Keaukaha
a guide for the snorkelers in the area
a guide for the snorkelers in the area
Ki'ihele enjoying the perfect island day
Ki’ihele enjoying the perfect island day

It just doesn’t get better than this for a winter day. I’m at the beach park and it’s snowing up on Mauna Kea although it’s still a little too overcast to see from here. Maybe, if it doesn’t melt quickly, I will take a drive up the mountain and take pictures of the Hawaiian snow for another post.





5 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach Park

  1. Donna Gordon

    This is stunningly beautiful. I’m helping Janet with her poetry book and getting it together to start my new business “Vintage Dolls”. Will we ever stop sewing? I doubt it. Love to all, Donna Gordon

    1. I doubt we will ever quit. Maybe it will get a little easier. Today I made two cute little aloha shirts sizes 4/5 and 7/8. They are so cute and a departure from my usual hula skirts. Wow, vintage dolls. Are you finding dolls and then dressing them? Etsy is an amazing venue for vintage. You might want to check that out.

      Yesterday when I took the pictures it was a beautiful day, today is a different story. We are having severe rain, flooding, snow on Mauna Kea and everything feels damp and cold. I’m having to feed the cats under the house because the wind is blowing rain up onto the porch and lanai. We were planning on going to a music festival up the coast on Sat. so hoping it will clear before then.

    1. Lately we’ve had an incredible amount of rain and snow. I think we had about 7 inches of rain overnight. I was so thankful I had the “super fast” windshield wiper option as it was barely able to keep up. I had hula and then the annual church meeting and had to drive home late, in the dark, in the rain…not fun! But, the lanai is dry and ready for you anytime you’re ready!

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