Bags and Baskets

A few days ago the island of Hawai’i joined Maui and Kaua’i in implementing the “bag ban”.  Because we live on an tropical island, water surrounds us. We have forests and because we are somewhat isolated we have a lot of endangered species. There has been a problem with bags ending up in the ocean, rivers or in trees. These endangered species–the green turtle (Honu), the Monk seals, any number of birds, fish see them as food or building materials. I have seen turtles with bags wrapped around their flippers making swimming from predators a little chancy. Birds choke on them, fish think they’re bait. It’s been an uphill battle for several years. It’s easy to throw veggies and bread in a bag with handles, easy for the elderly to tote,  so many people didn’t want to give them up. I’ve been using cloth bags for years, but occasionally I get a plastic bag. I re-use it for everything from lining the waste paper baskets to re-purposing them as water bottle holders. They are handy. However, I can remember when I was young, we didn’t use plastic bags for groceries. We didn’t line everything with plastic, we just emptied the waste basket, washed it and put it back on the floor. Convenience has taken the place of a little elbow grease.

With all that said, today I found something that is even better than a cloth bag. I must admit it is plastic and has metal handles, but is so easy to put things in, will last a long long time and is so darn cute! I now have my very own shopping basket. Not only is it roomy and easy to load, but it folds up like a baby stroller. I’m extremely partial to the print as this is the same print on the tissue paper I use to wrap my hula attire for my Etsy shop. I already have two re-useable bags made of this same print, so now I have a matching set. The next time I go to the grocery story, I’m will be stylin’!

DSCN0199My new shopping basketDSCN0203

Now isn’t this just the greatest idea? I can’t wait to go to the store! Ha, I never thought I would ever say that! Not my favorite activity. I would rather be in my little sewing studio making colorful hula skirts. But, this should make the experience a little more enjoyable.


4 thoughts on “Bags and Baskets

  1. I have always taken my own bags to the grocery store since the 70’s. People thought I was nuts but I crocheted my bags back then out of cotton string. One of them is still intact. Anyway, today I use bags that are plastic lined and stand up by themselves. Or I use Trader Joes paper bags. I like the basket idea especially since they fold. Where did you find them?

    1. I got it at our locally owned grocery store. They are made by Island Chic IN CHINA. I for some reason thought it was made in America, actually, I thought Hawaii, but alas I didn’t take the time to check. But, I still love it. It was a bit pricey at $20 but I figure if it lasts for a long long time it will have been worth it. I guess I’m willing to pay for cuteness!

  2. That is adorable! Did you remake the fabric part of it with your own print? I use reusable bags too but so far, mine are the cheap ones from different stores. Some have fallen apart already and some have been mended by me a few times. I’ve thought about making some nicer ones but haven’t yet. Enjoy your shopping, Kiihele!

  3. Nice to hear from you Diane. No, I didn’t make any of it. This particular design is just really popular right now in Hawai’i. I’ve seen grocery bags, tote bags, tissue paper, cards, all kinds of things. I saw this, it called to me and I just had to have it!

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