What? Another birthday, already?

I must admit I always look forward to my birthday. I don’t really mind aging that much though I definitely don’t want to get OLD.  I don’t really like the fact that 68 is so close to 70 and of some reason 70 sounds old. But, I think when I turn 69, 70 won’t seem that old. Remember when you were 17 and old 30 sounded? I no longer expect a cake and presents and all the hoopla surrounding a birthday. When I was a young girl my mother would always bake a banana cake for my birthday. NOT banana bread, but a four-layer cake with banana on each layer and covered in whipped cream. It was the highlight of my birthday and one of the things I missed the most when I left home and my parents went cruising around the world on their sailboat.  The things I want most of all on my birthday is for my sons to call (they both did) and to wake in the morning to Keith’s “Happy Birthday, Sweetheart”. Those two things always make my day.  When I was, say 20, I wanted to live forever. Now, I’m not so sure. I have really good health, I’m active, I work at things I love. I have love in my life. But, I don’t know that I want to live forever if any of this is taken away. I’ve had a full life and if God chooses to call me now, I’m okay with that. I certainly want to live a lot of quality years yet, but if for some reason the quantity outweighs the quality, then I’m ready.

Tonight, Keith made a duck dinner for my birthday. It was sooooo delicious! It was tender and moist, non-greasy and had a marvelous orange sauce to dip into. Along with the star was a supporting cast of sliced roasted golden potatoes in clarified butter, creamed spinach (from the garden) with pine nuts, a bottle of Merlot. How perfect is that? We ate on the lanai as the day was starting to fade with a linen tablecloth, cloth napkins, candles and wine in actual wine glasses. It just doesn’t get much better than this. I feel loved, I feel nurtured and want my birthday to last forever.


3 thoughts on “What? Another birthday, already?

  1. That was a delightful account! Thank you for sharing your birthday with us, and I for one want to say how glad I am that you have all of that love in your life. I know how very special that is, and I also know how it transcends the feeling of getting older. My husband makes me feel young, as do my kids and grandkids. Happy Birthday! *smiles*

  2. Great post. I nearly died in my 20’s and gained a new appreciation for the fact that I have now lived long enough to have a sixth grandchild and had my oldest grandchild become a teenager (just turned 13). So we dance through the rest of our years until we reach paradise.

  3. Happy Birthday, Kiihele! I’m so glad it was a wonderful one for you and that you are so loved! My husband makes me feel young too and I try to enjoy every day and every moment with my family. 🙂

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