What do I do…literally?

When I started this blog it was to be a “business blog”, but it seems the business end of it has taken a back seat to my personal life and the amazing island I live on.  Since the name of the blog is Sew Me Hawaii, people probably wonder what that’s all about…or not.

I love to sew. I love sewing for hula halau and I love making items using the beautiful Hawaiian print fabrics. Today I spent a couple of hours making an adorable little dress for my shop. I then posted a picture of the little dress to Facebook, to my Pinterest board, to my Etsy shop, but I hadn’t even thought of posting a picture in my blog.  My little “sewing studio” is not far from the cottage. It’s  9×11 ft. and is crammed to the gills with sewing supplies, fabric, finished skirts, dress, tops, gifts, etc.  My cutting table shown is always piled with fabric, pins, an iron. A large box of fabric takes up one end. My sewing table is a little less crowded. A sewing machine, a serger, and my CD player/radio, oh and a tower fan.  Since my cottage is only 400 sq. ft. there was no way for me to set up an area within the house, so we were lucky to have this little storage building.

This is all of 9x11 ft. Perfect.
This is all of 9×11 ft. Perfect.

organized mess


Our "just right for us" cottage

There is nothing like living in Hawai’i so I’m sure my journey through these amazing islands will continue, however, now and again, I will drop a new shop item into my posts…like this sweet little dress.













5 thoughts on “What do I do…literally?

  1. It is perfect for us. It’s actually a bit bigger than 400 sq. ft. now that we added a screened in lanai. We practically live out there. On the lanai is a bar table and bar stools for casual lunches, a regular table with four chairs so we can have guests, a BBQ grill, small chest freezer, a buffet table, a TV, and a love seat! And, with all that it still doesn’t seem all that crowded. It’s so bright and cheery…no mosquitoes, no flies and the screen is called “invisible screen” which it seems to be. We can look out to the yard and feel like we are in the open air enjoying the sunshine and the tropical breezes.

  2. I loved this!Thanks so much for sharing your work space with us, as well as a shot of your little cottage. I can well imagine that you would want to be outside as much as possible, so the screen room must indeed suit you to a T, considering how much you say it can rain there – no hindrance to still being in the great outdoors.
    The dress, by the way, is adorable!

  3. Thanks Lenore, We do spend a lot of time out there on the lanai or working in the garden or pruning trees, planting etc. Today was this absolutely perfect day. It was sunny and warm (about 80 degrees), we had a nice tradewind blowing, no clouds. And, I just couldn’t help but feel so blessed to be living here. I’ve never become jaded even after 5- years and I appreciate each day whether it’s raining or not. We DO get a lot of rain, about 160-180″ a year, but it’s usually warm rain. If I want to play in the snow in the winter we can go up to Mauna Kea, but then can follow that with a day at the beach!

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