The Christmas Fruitcake

A good friend of mine gave me a what I thought was a fruitcake for Christmas. Now, I know most people think there’s only one fruitcake in the entire world and it just gets passed from person to person. But, I LOVE fruitcake especially the dark, fruity, rummy kind. The box had a beautiful picture on the box and I was delighted. But, before I was allowed to open the gift I was told to read the entire box. DSCN0074DSCN0075DSCN0076DSCN0077 So, of course, I complied and carefully read each side. I read about how this fruitcake was not my Grandmother’s fruitcake, it was HER Grandmother’s. This cake had been preserved for over a 100 years by the, YES, alcohol. Whoo-hoo. I was getting so excited. My mouth was watering. Never did it cross my mind that not only was this impossible, but probably downright disgusting. My girlfriend was barely holding it together to keep from laughing as I salivated over MY special fruit cake. When I finally got to open the box, what was inside? Cookies.  Now, I do love cookies especially from Big Island Candy Co.  I wasn’t disappointed I received cookies. I was disappointed I didn’t get a fruitcake! She and her son were so amused that I bought into their “joke box”.  And, I think they were aware it might not work on me since I have such a penchant for fruitcake which made it even more amusing.  I have now scoured the Internet for a fruitcake recipe that sounds perfect and I guess I will have to make my own. Maybe there IS only one cake going around the world.  Oh, How I wish it would make a stop at my house.


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Fruitcake

  1. That’s funny that you should mention the 1 cake that goes around the world. My brother-in-law (I learned today) hates fruitcake, and believes the same myth. I’m not a big fruitcake fan, though I did try some today for the first time since I was a college kid and tried my mom’s, who made it faithfully as gifts every year. I hope you find some. The fruitcake I got to try today was bought by my sister-in-law the last day that the Hostess company near us was in business. Who knew Hostess had been in the fruitcake game all these years? Just in case you wonder – it tasted NOTHING like a Twinkie!
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

    1. *I’m jealous*. It’s hard to find good fruitcake, but I have a killer recipe so I will try it soon, maybe for New Years. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was low key, but nice.

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