Autumn’s Grasp

This is for my friends who are clinging to autumn…
Autumn’s Grasp

The last amber leaf clings to the withered branch
Acorns have long been niggled into crags and crannies
Frost crunches softly under booted feet
Visions of sleet and ice are shoved to the furthest recesses of the mind
Memories of summer fade in the dusky autumn sun.

The air has a crispness that sharply slices through my thin cotton layers
Body to bone, chilling in its persistent passage
The days shorten to mere slivers of time
The sun pales behind clouds pregnant with expected rain
I long for the days of bright light and long shadows.

I cling to the vestiges of warmth like the leaf clings to the tree
Trying to hang on to autumn for one more day
But, inevitably the wind stiffens
The tenacious leaf loosens it grip giving up its lofty perch
Fulfilling its duty as winter mulch.

I, too, must let go, accept the fate of fall
Turn my hopeful thoughts to the faraway spring.


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